Our Mission Statement

                                          OUR MISSION

To be the best financial planning firm in the country by helping our clients accumulate wealth, reduce tax, plan their estates, invest wisely, retire comfortably, plan faithfully and run their businesses properly.

In an age where nearly all financial planning firms and investment brokerage firms have forgotten who is important, we will strive to put our clients needs first.  Although this does not provide a guarantee of performance, it does indicate where our values as an organization lie.  We will emply the "Golden Rule"  in all our dealings with our Clients and only recommend what we ourselves would do if we were in similar circumstances to our client.   Our income, and consequently our future, will be based on the assets our clients have entrusted to our care.  We will earn a small percentage per year on the assets we manage.   This method of earning an income puts us squarely in the same boat as our clients.    As their portfolio grows, so does our income.  As their portfolio declines during a poor market, so does our income.  We will not make money or commissions except in unique situations which are explained in advance of the transactions.